Media Presentations, December 12, 2010, Visual Art Gallery

The structure for media presentations was adjusted this past trimester, to better reflect the resulting student work. For the first time, media presentations, which occurred on Friday, December 10, was extended beyond the walls of the auditorium, into a visual gallery space in the school. In the morning, the entire school gathered in the auditorium and enjoyed live, performance-based presentations from the media classes, especially the dance classes. In the afternoon, students traveled in grades, to a brand new space at the school, which was converted into a visual gallery, showcasing, stop-motions, videos, prints, collages and the very popular ‘Captain Fitness’, from the various media classes.


Physical Education Pictures

10th Grade girls playing basketball

Zanaya Clancy Sanders & Jonathan Rivera display basketball shooting form

Team Handball tipoff

Snapping the football

Basketball gameplay

Daniella Ortiz completing the PACER Test

Flag Football fun

Pumping some iron

Rope Jumping

Crystal Guach displays push-up form

Physical Education provides students of all skill levels an opportunity to perform various physical activities (games, sports, exercises) that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Students learn these skills through practice and ultimately apply them during an athletic sport. “The goal is to get students physically active. Not everyone is going to be a star athlete. It’s about doing YOUR PERSONAL BEST.” FitnessGram specifically allows students to discover fitness levels and accept physical activity as an important part of life.

Effort and practice are key components to be a successful physical education student.